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Hey savvy marketers! You're sending emails, but are they landing like confetti at a parade or more like a thud in an empty hall? The difference might just be personalization. So today, let's chat about how to make each email you send feel like it's wrapped in a warm hug, personalized just for the recipient. 💌

Why Personalization Rocks

If you think personalization is just dropping a first name into an email, oh boy, you're in for a treat! It's so much more:

The Customer Journey

Tailor your emails depending on where folks are in their customer journey. Newbies get the 101 content, while the nearly-converted get hit with those irresistible offers.

Engagement Levels

Noticing the “seen zone” in your email analytics? Time to send a reengagement email that nudges 'em back into action.

What Ticks Their Clock

Send hyper-relevant content upgrades based on what your subscribers have shown interest in. It's like handing them their favorite cup of coffee without them even asking.

Actions Speak Louder

If someone's been binge-reading your blog posts on a specific topic, they're practically screaming, “I'm interested!” Send them a promo they can't resist.

Demographics 101

Know their industry, their role, their dog's name—okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the gist. Customize based on the info you have.

The Benefits: Why You Can't Ignore Personalization

  1. Boost Open Rates: Nobody ignores an email that feels like it was made for them.
  2. Get Noticed: In a crowded inbox, personalization is the spotlight you need.
  3. Customer Stickiness: Keep 'em coming back for more.
  4. Trust Building: They trust you because you “get” them.
  5. Ka-Ching: Tailor-made recommendations lead to a heavier shopping cart.

Go Beyond the ‘Hey [First Name]'

We all know the age-old trick of adding the first name to an email. That's cute, but we can do better! How about adding their job title or referring to the last lead magnet they downloaded? The more relevant the tag, the more personal the email feels. How can you stand out as different in personalizing your emails?

Ready to give it a spin? Head on over to your email marketing platform and identify the personalization tags you've got at your disposal. Use one of them in your next subject line and watch the magic happen!

Now I would love to hear from you, do you personalize our emails?  Or do you even know how to? Let’s start a friendly discussion!

Virtually Yours,

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