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Starting your online business is super exciting, but there's one big thing you need to get right from the start: choosing the kind of business that fits you perfectly.

There is a ton of money to make online…that has ALWAYS been true…
The problem is…

You need to find the right business model for yourself—the right model for your personality, lifestyle, and goals.

Here’s why picking the right business is a huge deal and can make or break your success.

Be True to Yourself

When your business really shows who you are, people notice. It’s like making a new friend. If you’re honest and real, it’s easier to connect. This true-to-you approach not only feels good but also helps your business stand out. People like buying from someone who is genuine and passionate about what they do.

Keep Going Strong

Running a business is a long game, kind of like running a marathon. You need to pick an online business model that you can keep up with, even when things get tough. This means choosing something that fits well with your daily life, keeps you excited, and matches what you’re good at.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If your business fits what you're good at, you'll find everything easier to manage. For example, if you love talking to people, a business where you get to do a lot of that, like coaching or sales, will be perfect for you. Using your natural skills means you can do more in less time, and it won’t feel like a chore.

Enjoy What You Do

When you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work. This happiness is good for you—it means less stress and more smiles. Being happy with your work also means you'll stick with it longer, which is great for making your business successful.

Better Chance of Winning

When you pick a business model that fits your strengths and what you love, you’re more likely to succeed. You know what works best, take smarter risks, and keep going even when it gets tough. You care more, so you do better.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right business isn’t just about making money; it’s about matching your work with who you are and what you love doing. Think about what excites you, what you’re really good at, and how you like to spend your day. The best business for you is one that feels like part of your life and helps you achieve your dreams.

Remember, a business that fits you well is more than just a way to make money online—it’s a way to make your mark in the world and enjoy every step of the journey. 

I will warn you…it might take a little trial and error to get it right be patient with yourself, it is ok :) But realize you do have options.

Just because you listen to someone and you think it is the only way to make money online… it might not be the right way for you…do your research and find the best option that resonates with YOUR goals.

Virtually Yours,

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