Who is your ideal client
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Who Is Your Ideal Client or customer?

I might not know you just yet…

But…. I know you have poured your heart and soul into creating an amazing product or service.

I know you have a vision that is going to change this world…

I know you want to reach the masses.

I know you have been working hard on your business for what seems like FOREVER.

Yet things are quiet over there…

The sales, at best, are a slow trickle…

You feel like something is missing in your business yet.

You can't quite connect with your audience, and you are not sure why.

Girl…I got you!

There is nothing wrong with you or your business idea!

I have helped hundreds of women GROW their online businesses… and I want to help you too!

Don't Give Up

Keep Going

You Got This…

But here is the thing…

Even though Marketing is changing. 

Even though businesses are popping up everywhere.

Marketing still works!

You just have to find a way to connect with your audience...

One of my favorite ways to Grow Your Brand, Build Your Email List and Connect with Your Audience …

Is Quizzes

See, when you quiz your audience, you don't have to guess what they want.  How powerful is that?

They actually tell you what they want, what they like or don't like, and if you create your quiz right, you will also find out what they love to see you offer.

Stop Everything you are doing right now...

Don't write that next blog post; schedule your next webinar or post on social media…until you know what your ideal audience wants from you!

If you go back just a few steps in the process…you will create clients and customers who will be with you in the long run, and they will rave about you to all their friends.

I know you're excited to get building your quiz... 

But before you start, you really need to identify who your ideal client is.

Ask yourself:

  • Who you want to sell your products and services to?
  • Why do they need your product or service?

If you can thoroughly answer those questions and picture your ideal customer…GREAT! Skip to the next post about Creating Effective Quiz Questions.

It is good to remember to Avoid Generalizations about Your Clients and Customers.

You may be tempted to come up with a generic answer like,

 "My target audience is women." 

That is a start… but there are a bazillion women in the world.

There is no way you can tell me your product or service can help ALL of them!  

Beyond just the gender and generalizations, you need to go deeper to really identify who you serve. 

Grab a piece of paper and start answering questions like this:

  • How old is my ideal client?
  • What's her income level?
  • Where does your ideal client live?
  • Does your ideal client have a business?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What type of business do they have?
  • Are they new entrepreneurs?
  • Does your client have kids?
  • Does your ideal client have Yellow teeth?
  • Is your ideal client a new mom?
  • Does your client need to lose weight?
  • Does your client have issues with self-esteem?
  • Who does my ideal client follow on social media?
  • How much time does your ideal client spend on social media?
  • Where does your ideal client work?
  • Does your ideal client like to travel?
  • Have they recently got married or engaged?
  • Is your ideal client religious?
  • How does your ideal client respond to slang?
  • What magazines does your ideal client read?
  • Does your ideal client have health insurance?
  • Do they have specific health issues?
  • Where does your ideal client shop?
  • What's her educational background?
  • Is your ideal client looking to make a career move?
  • What language does she speak?
  • How will my product or service improve her life?

All areas are not going to be necessary to every product or service. 

For example, if you sell handmade baby blankets, religion probably will not matter to your ideal client. It all comes back to who you want to serve.

Don't Look to Family or Friends For Feedback on Your Idea..

When you start market research on your ideal client, don't depend on your family, spouse, parents, cousins, or friends what they think of your business idea or product. 

Even if one of them happens to be within your target market, chances are they will tell you precisely what you want to hear…how wonderful your idea is , and that is not what you are looking for…

You even need to be careful about doing 'on the fly' research on forums and in online chats. Social media isn't always conducive to thoughtful answers.

Your Ideal Client Should Excite You

By the time you have created who your ideal client is…

You should be excited.

Happy to Serve Them

Bursting with Ideas on How you can help them.

Ready to Start Creating…

If you're sitting there, saying UGH…and you dread the thought of working with them.  You picked the wrong ideal client, girl!

Scratch off Everything on that paper…and start over.

Keep working on it and clarify by asking more in-depth questions on who you want to serve.

It's so much easier to build your business when you're serving clients and customers that you care about rather than one that you're just paying the bills with, and it's okay to work with them 

Create a community around you that you can fall in love with, and they will fall in love with you.

You are working on building a long-term business… not a one and done.  These are the people that you will be serving for years to come, so don't skip this vital business-building step.

Virtually Yours,

~Laura Beth Bastion

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