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6 Quick Email Strategies to Get More Clients

Email marketing is a powerful tool for your online business. It helps you stay in touch with your clients, build relationships and grow your online service-based business.

Email is effective for reaching out to your target audience. In addition, it is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools available to build your online business.

Email marketing can promote programs, increase sales, and build your brand's reputation. It is important to build a good relationship with your email subscribers because they will be the ones that will eventually become your clients!

Here are six email marketing strategies to incorporate into your online business.

#1 Sign-Up Forms for Newsletters on Your Website or Blog

Sign-Up Forms

You can include sign-up forms for newsletters on your website. This will allow visitors to your website to receive notifications and emails from your via email. Newsletters will help you create a personal connection with your visitors and convert them into clients.

#2 Create Valuable FREE OFFERS


Offering VALUABLE Free offers, which I call lead magnets, allows potential clients to opt-in to your email list.

This proven strategy will help you get more email address and convert subscribers to clients.

I call it a Lead Magnet because you are using it to attract lead /magnetize them to you. You incentivize them to give you their name and email (OR even their cell phone number in exchange for something of value.

This is one of my favorite marketing strategies because it's easy, inexpensive, and effective.

BUT here is where most people mess up: They get stingy and try to give away something of VERY LITTLE Value.

And here is the thing people have gotten smart to this marketing technique; they are not going to give their name and email up for just anything, so you need to give away something of VALUE.

The higher the value, the better the quality of the lead.

I suggest you give something of value they can use immediately and see results. This will help them see value in you and your services, and they look forward to your next emails.

In addition, it allows you to create valuable content for your website visitors, which leads them to sign up for your emails. You can also use this tactic during sales events or promotions to boost the number of people who buy from you.

#3 Create an Autoresponder SERIES

Marketing Email

Autoresponders are a great way to automate the emails 🙂

You can set your autoresponders to send out emails every few days with out you having to do anything after the initial set-up.

We typically use autoresponders for marketing and sales emails but you could also use them for customer service as well.

They are a great way to stay connect with your ideal clients without having to send out a manual broadcast email.

Autoresponders are software that automatically sends personalized messages to your customers at specific time intervals.

These messages can be triggered by certain actions such as purchases, abandoned cart, or general customer care.

These emails allow you to build a connection with your ideal client.

#4 Create Subject Lines Your Ideal Client Will OPEN

Email Market

Email subject lines can be tricky, because you have 2 things you have to get through :

  1. You need to get into the inbox
  2. You need to get your ideal client to actually OPEN the email

Therefore, you need to capture their attention with the subject line and them want to read the email

Your subject lines should be

  • Short
  • Specific
  • To The Point

It Can also include a call to action to encourage the reader to open the email.

#5 Make Sure Your Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

email marketing tools

Your ideal clients are using their mobile phones more than ever. This means EVEN your emails need to be mobile-friendly. Most of us don't think about emails being mobile-friendly!

You will miss out on potential sales if your email is not mobile-friendly. In addition, more and more people are reading emails on their phones, which means that you need to make sure that the layout looks the same on a mobile device as on a desktop.

Thankfully, most email software providers have options to make this easy to do.

#6 Utilize Email Segmentation

Email Marketing

Email segmentation is an important email marketing strategy that divides customers into different groups based on their interests, demographic information,& behaviors.

These segments are then targeted with additional messages relevant to the specific audience.

To segment your audience, you need to have some data about them.

This can come from various sources, including Website visitors, purchased items, demographic information such as age, behavior like abandoned shopping cart, location, or interests.

These email marketing strategies help you retain your target audience and maximize your impact or value.

Over time, proper email marketing will help grow your trust, credibility, authority, and revenue. On the other hand, skipping email marketing means missing out on many vital leads and opportunities to get clients.

How have you used email marketing to get clients?

Virtually Yours,

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