Ready to GROW Your Online Business?

For Women who want to grow an online business but need extra support and guidance along the way…Private Coaching is the Perfect Option

Listen up, my fabulous and fierce friend! I've got a sneaking suspicion that you're in the midst of a whirlwind of overwhelm and decision fatigue.?

Maybe you started out excited, but you quickly got distracted by all the shiny objects and marketers. You have probably spent endless hours online watching videos and digging through copious amounts of Information trying looking for quality advice & support. But who do you listen to? What is right? What is wrong?. Those ecourses and group trainings might have left you feeling like you've collected more advice than you can handle. And let's face it, you didn't sign up for all that just to end up frustrated with a lack of cash flowing into your online business!

No more patching together diluted advice from those group programs and free webinars. It's time to bring in the big guns and hire your very own private mentor.

Picture this: your business rocking and rolling like a high-energy dance party, with you at the helm, calling the shots and reaping the rewards!

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity. Say farewell to frustration and welcome the guidance of a private mentor who's got your back. It's time to take control, shake things up, and unleash your full potential in the most fabulous way possible. So, grab that virtual microphone and let's get your online business  singing the sweet tune of success!


Eliminate Self-Doubt For Good

Are you caught in a never-ending dance between confidence and self-doubt? , it's downright exhausting! Trust me, I know self-coaching can work wonders, but let's face it, even Wonder Woman needs a sidekick sometimes

You've taken yourself pretty far with your own magical powers, but now it's time to take things to the next level. Let's unleash the secret weapon of private coaching and watch your brilliance soar to new heights! Say goodbye to those pesky doubts and say hello to a support system that'll have you strutting your stuff with unshakeable confidence.

It's time to put that inner critic on mute and embrace the power of a mentor who's got your back. Together, we'll navigate the twists and turns of entrepreneurship, banishing self-doubt like a boss and replacing it with a rock-solid belief in your own awesomeness.

A Custom Proftiable Plan Built For YOU!

Deep down in that heart of yours, you've got a powerful vision of the moolah you can be raking in each month. You've got dreams, baby! Now, all you need is a little assistance in cooking up a kickass plan to turn those dreams into a reality and keep you on track.

Picture this: you, strutting around with a rock-solid, doable plan that'll have those dollar signs dancing in your eyes. 

Say goodbye to aimless wandering  on the internet, trying to put all the pieces together and hello to a roadmap that'll guide you straight to success. But wait, there's more!

We're not stopping there, darling. Oh no! We're throwing in a bonus accountability feature. That's right, you'll have someone by your side, cracking the whip (figuratively, of course) and making sure you stay on track. No more slacking, sister!

So, buckle up and get ready for some serious magic. With a little help, a whole lot of determination, and a pinch of fabulousness, you'll be unstoppable. Are you ready to make those possibilities a reality? Let's devise that stellar plan and make those dreams come true, one profitable month at a time!


Your own personal business  guide who will you to tap into that inner-knowing of her all while keeping you on the path of proven success. It's like having a GPS system for your dreams!

Imagine this: you, – your coach is also a pro at steering you in the right direction, leading you towards those tried-and-true strategies that make the magic happen. It's like having a compass that always points to success!

So, say goodbye to endless pondering and hello to a transformative journey with a coach who's got your back, your front, and every side imaginable. Get ready to unlock your potential, tap into your inner wisdom, and slay those goals like the superhero you are.

It's time to turn that bucket list dream into a reality, my adventurous friend. Are you ready to soar to new heights and experience the power of a private coach who's got all the right moves? Buckle up and let's embark on this incredible journey together. Get ready to check off that bucket list item with style, flair, and a whole lot of fun!

 Are You Ready ?, we need to talk.

How would things be different for you if....

  • You had someone to take the pieces of chaos you have in your brain and put it into a focused plan?
  • You had someone that could grasp your vision for your business and life, and could help you put a plan together to bring them to fruition?
  • You had someone who could personally help you create offers, programs and a business model that sells and leads in your niche
  • You had someone to help you launch your business
  • You had someone to share expert opinions and recommendations for your online business.

Private Business Coaching with Laura Bastion is like having your own expert sort the pieces of your business puzzle and build it with you.

Private coaching is not a shortcut…
YOU STILL HAVE to put the work in…
BUT YOU have the extra guided support While Building Your Business.


My business has grown leaps and bounds

Laura is the real deal when it comes to pretty much anything to do with growing your business online. She's competent, reliable, ultra-knowledgeable and accountable. Laura is also amazing to work with because she CARES about her clients. Laura has taught me a ton in the 1+ years I've had the absolute privileged of knowing her, and everything she's taught me that I've put into practice, has increased my reach, grown my business or helped solve a problem that was keeping me stuck. I highly recommend Laura , a Bastion of knowledge. My business has grown leaps and bounds with Laura, if you want the same, look no further.

Private Coaching is the Perfect Option if You are looking to..

Improve Your Mindset

Our mind is our biggest obstacle in building our businesses. Many times we invest in programs yet we never do anything with them because we don't have enough drive or motivation to do them on our own. We need to be able to keep our mind aligned with our goals. Private Coaching does this.

Shorten your learning curve

By learning from an experienced entrepreneur and coach who has built her own business while raising children and who has helped others do the same over and over for 20 years, I know what works and what don’t work.  So you will not have to go through those growing pains.

CLEAR Strategy

Most clients come to me because they feel like they are all over the place, and not sure what to do next or who to listen to.  No more of riding that train :)

From day one we will look at where you are currently. Looking for red-flags in your business...where you might be leaking money & finding ways to automate your business, so you can GROW & SCALE.

Then we will look at you and your short-term and long term goals. We will put together a clear strategy and action plan to get there, keeping in my mind your strengths and your weaknesses.  Every person and business is different.  Your strategy needs a unique perspective.

Support & Accountability

No  more missed goals :) We are going to reach your goals and make sure we hit them on time. I will be your biggest cheerleader.

Dial in On Your Marketing

When you are running an online business it is easy to get caught up in all of the little stuff. Sometimes things fall through the cracks. So we will take a deep look into your business and make sure your marketing message is effective for your audience. We will also take a look at your social media accounts to be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck out of them. And then we will look at other things such as broken links in emails and on your website. We will perform a detailed website, content strategy audit and look for ways you can improve your online game.

Improve Your Leadership skills

Building a business requires leadership skills. You need to be able to build a team to grow and scale, that means you need to lead your team. We will work on developing your mindset and leadership skills with tactical approach to overcome any obstacle you may face with effective coaching.

Automate Your Systems & Processes

We conquer the chaos and streamline your processes. We identify things that are limiting your growth. We automate where we can and create processes to take your business to the next level.

Depending On Your Needs 

Each business had unique needs so after the initial goals and Assessments we
will tailor your calls based on needs but here is a example of what might be included:

Initial Assessment:

We will review your current business situation, goals, strengths, and challenges. It may include a detailed intake questionnaire or an initial consultation session to gather relevant information.

Goal Setting and Action Planning

We will set clear and achievable business goals. We will develop an action plan with specific steps, timelines, and measurable outcomes.

Business Strategy Development

We will develop or refine your business strategy. This may involve market analysis, identifying target clients, creating a competitive advantage, and exploring growth opportunities.

Business Planning: Support

We will define. create or update your  business plan, including defining your mission, vision, values, and core objectives. We will  develop strategies for marketing, SOPs, finance,

Automations &  Process Improvement:

Analyze current online automations, systems and processes, identify inefficiencies or bottlenecks, and provide guidance on streamlining processes,  and automations improving productivity, and implementing effective systems and tools. To save money time and efficiency


Provide guidance and strategies  on developing  al  methods on online marketing to GROW your email list.

We will help you  develop  email marketing campaigns to sell your programs and services .  We will work with you to gain more exposure online and ultimately get more clients.

Sales & Client Relationship Management

We will work together to Develop effective sales strategies, sales techniques, and customer relationship management practices.  Including effective review management  systems. The ultimate goal will be client satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Virtual Team Building 

I will guide you on working with your virtual assistant and other team members as your business grows.   We will work on developing leadership skills, nd developing the work culture of your company.  You will learn the skills you need to  communication, delegation, and motivational  when working virtually

PLUS You are going to get  Accountability and Ongoing Support with Regular coaching sessions to review progress, address challenges, and provide accountability., ongoing support, guidance, and feedback to ensure  you stay on track and reach your goals.

NOTE:  The specifics of a business coaching package will vary depending on YOUR unique needs, and your specific challenges and goals we will tailor your coaching package accordingly. 


12-Month Commitment

  • 1- Hour Initial Assessment:
  • (3) 60 Minute Coaching Calls Per Month
  • 1 In Person 8-hour VIP Day (may be substituted for a virtual VIP DAY)
  • 4  Tech /System/Automation or Marketing Trainings with your team via zoom or recorded over the 12 months 
  • ACCESS THROUGH TEXT and email for emergency PRIORITY support
  • Welcome Packet 
  • Next step forms after each weekly session to help you reflect and take action
  • Slack or Google Support for issues during business hours that arise in your business
  • 20- minute weekly review of project management system to make sure you are on track
  • Weekly review of your numbers to make sure you are hitting your goals




*NOTE: Due to My Commitments and Other Programs I am only able to work with a handful of private clients per year.  Private Coaching Fills Fast.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let's face it, the timing is never perfect. You have the desire to build an online business for a reason.
 Tomorrow is not promised. Quit putting off your dreams. YOU deserve this. Let's GROW it together!