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You might already have a sales funnel and not realize it ?

But it is important to Map Out Your Sales Funnel.

However, if you haven't planned it, you may have serious gaps which will cause you to lose money. 

What is a Sales Funnel?

A Sales Funnel is how you attract your leads, turn them into a prospect and eventually into a customer.

Here is the Process of a Sales Funnel:

  1. Brand Awareness (letting them know your product or service even exist)
  2. Build Connection and Trust (why they should listen to you instead of someone else)
  3. Trust Trigger (getting them to pull the trigger and sign up for your free offer/lead magnet)
  4. Nurture the Relationship more connection and trust-building
  5. The Sale (the initial Sale of your product or service)
  6. Nurture the Relationship more connection and trust-building
  7. Create a Lifelong Customer and Brand Loyalty

The reason we refer to this as a sales funnel is that it is WIDE at the top, meaning more people flow into the top of the funnel, and as it narrows down at the bottom, that number becomes less and less.

There are many ways to set up your sales funnel, and really they all amount to the same process:

  1. Acquire Leads
  2. Teach the Leads about your Solution
  3. Sell your Product or Service

Let's Break Down the Sales Funnel Steps

You can set up funnels for almost any goal you have in your business.

Going back to the funnel set up, LARGE on the top and Small on the bottom.

The idea really amounts to you must do a lot more to attract people to you and cause brand awareness in order for them to convert eventually.

Step #1 Brand Awareness 

They need to know your business, service; you exist; this is the top of the funnel, this is where you attract them, inform them and educate people, so they know who you are and what you're about. Because we are in a connection marketing era, it is so important that you show your authenticity in this step, so they know why they want to work with you over Jane ( no offense if your name is Jane ?) 

You can use:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Youtube Videos
  • Social Media
  • Challenges
  • Virtual Events
  • Live Events
  • Interviews
  • Guest Posting

The list really goes on and on…

Step #2 Build Connection and Trust

At this point, you've started to get a loyal following reading your post, listening to your podcast, and watching your videos. They like your personality. They connect with you at some level. They trust the information you are teaching them. The next step is to get them to take action with your trust trigger.

Step #3 Trust Trigger 

Now, you need them to pull that trigger; you need them to opt-in to your free gift or become a paying customer. This starts the process of you being able to market to them via email.

Step #4 Nurture the Relationship 

The truth is, when you nurture your prospects, you'll increase your sales over time. Think of this like a phase that happens 2 or 3 months into a relationship, where they kind of know you, but they don't really know you. You need to nurture and build that relationship and trust.

Step #5 The Sale 

The ultimate goal for you in the journey…but the one they are most leary of, why should they spend their hard earn dollars with you, what are they going to get in return for their investment? Clearer skin? More organized? Why should they spend their money on your product and service, why can't they live without it, and why should they buy it from you.

Step 6 Nurture the Relationship MORE

 YES, you need to cycle and repeat this step. If you have been married for more than a year or in a long-term relationship, you know it is always a WORK in Progress. If you don't nurture it, the spark dies…guess what? Same with business.

Step #7 Brand Loyalty 

It takes a lot of time and energy to convert leads, but if you can master this step, not only will your customers and clients LOVE you and be life-long customers, they will naturally tell all their friends and family about your product or service.  

Referral marketing is one of the highest converting. A life long client or customer should ALWAYS be your goal. It is much easier to sell to someone who already LOVES you than it is to sell to someone that doesn't know you.

A Funnel boils down to the process of attracting your ideal client or customer, prove to them you have the best solution for their problem, and why they should purchase from you instead of someone else.

Conversions can take some time to map out.

Everyone wants to create an instant business. Where you create the product and put it out into the world, and EVERYONE buys, and you're a happy billionaire. End of the story.

Remember, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

It takes time to create the content, match products to content, and fix and test holes in your funnel. If you need help to get your funnel converting, please reach out for a free consultation, let's talk and see what you got going on right now ?

Virtually Yours,

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