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If you want to get more clients…

You need to start with the basics:

  • Who do you really want to work with?
  • Do you truly know who your ideal client is?

When you are starting your online business, you often want to make money online fast. I get that. We have all been there.

This actually makes it harder to get more clients & close the sales for a few reasons: ” />

  1. You come off as desperate and not as an expert in the field.
  2. You don’t understand who your ideal client is

The better understanding you have of your ideal client
The easier it will be to close the sale because you will know if you are a good fit to work together in the long run.

Everyone faces objections in the sales process. This is normal, especially when you are new to the sales process. BUT sales objections are not a bad thing. They usually mean you have done your job very well, and you just have some learning to do. 

It means your ideal client does not understand the value of what you are offering.
Do you clearly understand your offer? Do you clearly understand who you help, and how you help them?


1. Create an Ideal Client Profile

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Personally, when I create a client profile, I even go as far as to name them. I include details such as :

• How do they feel? (subjects you teach especially)
• How do they think about certain subjects? (subjects you teach especially)
• Where do they live?
• What do they do for a living?
• What type of hobbies do they have?

You can start finding this data by doing market research online, starting with a few google searches. Then expand your search to Social Media accounts or sites like Quora.

  • What questions are they asking and the hot topics they are talking about?
  • What are their opinions on certain subjects?
  • What are they confused about?

Make a list of this data to create your ideal client profile. The better you understand your ideal client, the easier it is going to be to close the sale

2. PROVIDE VALUE IN Your Packages and Programs

People will buy your services based on the perceived value, not the price.

How can you add more “value” to your services? Sometimes this is as simple as adding things like Q&A calls, emails for Q&A, or a BONUS that will answer a question that your program does not provide.

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3. Learn From Your “No’s”

Here is the thing about sales, it is all about the numbers. I don’t know very many people that close all the sales calls successfully.

You can talk to all the big marketers.
They send out thousands of emails to get a sale.
Thousands of people follow them on social media to get sales.
It is not always that first email that is the magic trick…
It is not always the first sales call that is going to close…
As a matter of fact, most people have a 50% closing ratio, and if you are really good, a 70% closing ratio

That means even good closers are getting “No’s.”
The key is to learn from your “No’s”

Why are they saying no?
• Is it timing?
• Or is it because they don’t understand the value?

Take this information and apply it to your process to close the next sale.

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They don’t understand your offer.

IF you are not clear on your offer, your ideal client will not be clear. A confused mind does not buy. You need to have a very clear offer so they can understand exactly what they are getting and how your service is going to solve their problem

They don’t believe it will work for them.

If you do not clearly communicate your offer, your ideal client will understand how they can benefit from your services. They will not believe your services are going to help them.

People purchase what they see value in, and people will find the money when it becomes a priority for them. It is about clearly communicating your services’ value so they can understand WHY they NEED YOU over “JANE.” (no offense Jane ” />)

4. Focus on Transformation, Not Just Benefits

Of course, the benefits/features of your services are essential to your ideal client. But people make purchasing decisions primarily for emotional reasons.

• They have too much to do on their list and need more time.
• They are broke and need to make money.
• The technical side of their business stresses them out.
• Their weight makes them feel yucky.
• Their hair falls out in clumps to make them feel ugly.
• They want to feel loved because they are lonely.
• They want their children to be responsible with money to break a generational problem.

You have to be able to clearly show your ideal client how your services/programs are going to improve their lives.

Ideal Client

You need to be able to paint a picture of what their life will look like using your services or after they complete your program.

This is what is going to trigger their emotions into buying along with the benefits of your program.

Stories are a great way to trigger emotions and share a client’s story with them.

5. LISTEN to Your Ideal Client

I don’t care who your ideal client is.
We live in a world where everyone’s attention span is limited.
Social media is coming at us from every direction.
We don’t know where to turn or who to turn to for advice.
So you have to understand clearly what is important to your “Ideal Client” by listening to them and appealing to them.

Ideal Client

Listen to their pain points; this is in your sales conversations or market research. What is their pain point and what is your solution to it?

Here is the thing when it comes to sales, most people don’t realize. Your ideal client NEEDS YOU!
They want a solution to their problem.
But they want to find the best solution for their problem. Spend their hard-earned dollars just like you would!

So make sure you don’t sell your services to someone that doesn’t really need

them  and make sure you have empathy and try to understand where they are coming from in the sales conversation; put yourself in their shoes. It’s going to make the sales call much easier on both sides.

What questions do you have about closing the sale to get more clients?

Virtually Yours,

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