10 Ways to Get Clients for Your Online Business 
by Laura Bastion // June 26 // 0 Comments

As a business owner for over 20 years, when I mentor newbies, the first question they always ask is:

  • “How do I get clients?”
  • “How do I keep my client roster full?

My #1 piece of advice is never to quit marketing. It is the only true to way to get clients, and to always have a waiting list of clients ready to work with you.

Get Clients for Your Online Business 

EVEN when you fill your calendar, keep marketing and generating leads. It takes time to develop and nurture relationships before they will work with you.

Most people will never follow-up with their leads, and it is in the follow-up where alot of them will be closed (it could take 2-3 months) by that time another client might be finished up.

My 2nd piece of advice is that one client should never be more than 25% of your income. Here is why, if you have one client that is 100% of your income, what happens when that client is done working with you?

You're back to square one and in a manic rush to fill that space. This often leads to working with clients that might not be a good fit for you.

10 ways to find get clients for your online business and make money

1.Just Ask for Referrals to Get Clients

My best clients have come from referrals. A happy client will naturally tell others about their amazing experience; they know what you have to offer already and are bubbling over with happiness from your services.

getting new clients for your business

Sometimes, that takes time to occur; they are busy; they might not talk to their business acquaintances too often. So a better option is: Just Ask 🙂

It never hurts to ASK!

Make it a regular part of your standard operating procedures to just ask; it is as simple as “I have available space in my schedule for more clients, so if you know anyone that needs help, I would love an introduction.”

A few things could happen 🙂

  • They say ok and never send a referral.
  • They say, oh, you have more time available. I would like to hire you for XYZ.
  • Or my favorite…..they send out introductions, and you get clients to work with right away.

The best part is when you get clients from referrals they normally do not need a warm-up process and they are the easiest sales to close 🙂

2.Utilize Social Media Groups to Get Clients

Get new clients for your business with social media

By now, you have probably heard about social media groups and the benefits of joining groups.

But here is where I see a lot of people go wrong…and this why they do not get clients
They join groups that have a lot of active entrepreneurs…

And they throw up all over them.. (they go straight into sales mode) when they enter the groups.

Most people do not go into social media groups to be “Sold to.”

They are in these groups to learn something, get more knowledge on a subject, and connect with peers like them.

So how do you get the sale? How do you get them to notice you and your services?
Make sure your social media profile is linked to your website and social media pages.
Make it very clear of what you do in your profile

  • Make sure your profile is open to the public
  • Share regular content on your profile about your business and what you do
  • Share Social Proof on your profile if you have it 🙂

The next step is probably against most advice you have heard when it comes to marketing your business.

Step #1 :

Join groups that interest YOU on whatever social media platform you prefer. ( Join 5 groups that you want to be active in regularly)

  • What topics interest you?
  • Are you a new mom? Join mom groups
  • If you have an interest in crocheting, join crochet groups.
  • Are you interested in the Northern Lights? Join groups that discuss and track.
  • Join Local Business owner groups… since you are a business owner

Participate like a REAL human in these groups. Be active in these groups and post the real post at least once or twice a day. Be helpful! Don't Sell!!!

Get new clients for your business with social media

Step #2 Join Groups where your ideal clients hang out. (Join 5 active groups)

  • Are your ideal client's Affiliate Marketers?
  • Are your ideal clients on Clickfunnels?
  • Do your ideal clients use Kajabi?

Participate in these groups, answer questions be helpful! Follow all the rules, show up as the expert! The more active you are…, the more visible you are!

Online business

Step 3

  • GET Visible in The Groups to Get Noticed by Your Ideal Clients
  • Set Your Timer for 10 minutes x 3 TIMES PER DAY
  • Participate in these groups, answer questions be helpful!

NOTE: Follow all the rules, show up as the expert! The more active you are…, the more visible you are!. Be helpful! Don't Sell!!!

Participate like a REAL human in these groups No-one LIKES FAKE. .As you become active, people will know who you are and what you do. WHEN you can help show how you can help, be helpful, be REAL! You will get clients.

Again don't ever spam in these groups.

3.Attend Live and Virtual Events to Get Clients

Get clients for my Online business

Events are a great way to network with people and get clients . It seems weird you would get online clients at a live event. But this technique works, and what is cool about it, is those people hiding behind their computers are missing out. 🙂 Some of my favorite clients I have found at events.

The simple question of them asking “what do you do” can lead to a great conversation. Don't sell them…just have a 30-second elevator pitch or a easy “I help” statement ready so they can clearly understand the value of what you do and how you could help them solve a problem they might have.

Lots of times the people you meet at events…might even know someone that might need your services. I often hear things like “oh my goodness I was just talking with my friend so and so and she soo needs your services, would you mind if I made an introduction?” That is another way to get clients!. ( and remember referrals are the best)
Attending “niche” specific events is a GREAT idea.

Think about it..you are an expert at Clickfunnels and setting up the systems and design.
Everyone at the event has Clickfunnels…and guess what; some do not want to do it themselves! They need you! You are in a room full of ideal clients…what better way to get new clients for your business?

NOTE: ALWAYS ALWAYS follow-up after the events, I know right after the events attendees are inundated with phone calls but the fortunate is in the follow-up so make sure you follow-up (you can use email phone and text) But keep in contact with your connections. Because these connections are some of the best ways to get clients and sell your services too. Sometimes thought, it is all about the right timing, so keep in contact, don't be pushy, be natural and be of service- remember they need you!

4. Teach at Events to Get Clients

Where could you speak? What events could you showcase your expertise? A lot of events right now are still virtual 🙂 But that is ok! This showcases you as an Expert. Which is AMAZING as far as helping you sell your service and creating value for your services. Don't ditch the small the events, these actually convert better!

Get clients for my Online business

Giving a presentation on a topic related to what you do encourages participants to follow you online or opt-in for a free lead magnet. This creates connection & trust
The more someone connects with you…the higher the chance of them buying your services at some point.

Because you are teaching them something valuable, you have already started that connection relationship. They know you are the expert, making it easier to close the sale and get the client 🙂

5. Host Webinars or Live Calls to Get Clients

Host your own webinars and teach! I love webinars because I can listen to them from the comfort of my couch 🙂 Webinars are fairly low-cost thanks to technology like Zoom, and people around the world can join.

Get new clients for your business

By sharing your expertise with participants, you can start to build relationships with them. You could even throw some money at Facebook Ads or ask other people to share your webinars.

IF your webinars are of good value and on a regular schedule, people will naturally begin to share them, and as you get more participants on the webinars, your business will grow. It is a fun and easy way to get clients. (Plus you also do evergreen webinars…ask me how 🙂

6.Let People Know You Are In Business and What is Going On!


One of the biggest problems I find is people don't let their friends and family know they are in business. This probably goes back to MLM days where you don't want to bother your friends and family. I GET IT!

Get new clients for your business

How are you going to get new clients for your business…if you no one knows you have a business?

This is not MLM. You don't have to ask them to purchase from you or ask for the sale; simply let them know you started your own business and help Xyz with XYZ, and if they know anyone who could use the help, you would love the referrals!

If you have been in business for a while, share some client stories..what is going on in your business, brag a little and share your results! If you have room in your schedule post Hey, it is unusual, but I have an opening in my schedule for one new client” PM me if you are interested or know someone who would be!”

Anything new in your business or industry, share it! OR publish a press release. There are directories where you can post press releases online, and media outlets will pick them up. You can also use press releases as content on your website or social media.

7. Write Blog Post Showing Your Expertise

Blogging is another great way of getting new clients for your business. You can also share your blog post on popular sites like Medium and Reddit to increase your exposure and showcase you as an expert in your industry.

Get new clients for your business

You can also guest blog will help you reach a new audience.

Simply reach out to blogs in your niche with a pitch for a post and see if they'll publish it. They get a free piece of high-quality content, and you get exposure to their audience. Approach guest blogging strategically, writing, and regularly posting to high-traffic blogs.

8. Share Your Blog Post on LinkedIn and Other Social Media Accounts

LinkedIn is an amazing platform to share your content! Did you know you have the capability to show off your knowledge with an article right on LinkedIn?
Write a piece of high-quality content and get more exposure and eyes!

Get new clients for your business

Whenever you create any content, please make sure you share it everywhere there are eyes 🙂

I also share my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter as well…you never know where the eyes are right?

Your potential clients are hiding online everywhere 🙂

9. Be a Guest on Podcast

You can also get new clients for your business by being an expert on podcasts gets you in front of more people to showcase your skills/ helps you reach a new audience with your expertise. Reach out to podcasts in your niche with a pitch for their show and see if they will have you on as a guest.

Get new clients for your business

They get a great guest with amazing content, and you get exposure to their audience. Be strategic in who you reach out to, and with fair warning, you will probably get a lot of “Nos,” and you perfect your outreach, but that is ok; just keep going! Start with the “Small Fish” and work your way up 🙂

10. Create Lead Magnets/ FREE offer

Create something of value that will attract your ideal client .Publish on your website, share on social media, and direct everyone to that lead magnet in exchange for their email address…and then you can start to market to them via email. Eventually you will be able to turn them into a client 🙂

Make sure you are using more than one Strategic Marketing Tool to Build Your Business Online and Get Clients

Get new clients for your business

If something is not working…give it time; it takes time to get your name out there and build your business online and get clients!

But in the amazing world of the internet, there are always new tools popping up. Don't be afraid to try out new tools and strategies and mix them into your daily marketing routine. Just make sure you ALWAYS monitor what is working and what is not working! TRACK your numbers!!

You will start to build your followers and Get Clients

Now it's your turn! What has worked for you to get clients?

Virtually Yours,

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