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Fix Your Funnels

You are getting it now. You know you need a funnel.
You have looked at what you have created already…

Now you need to map out your funnel and fix gaps in your funnel.

If your funnel is not working correctly, you can lose perspective leads, members, and, worse yet, sales.

You have to make sure you are sending the right message to your audience at the right time.

If you map out your funnel and develop a common-sense plan of action in your funnel, you are going to increase your subscribers, buyers, and loyal fans.

When you look at your funnel, you are going to see pieces that need to be fixed. You will notice gaps, things that are broken or can be improved on.

By taking the time to fix your processes and systems, you will increase subscribers, buyers, and loyal fans.

How do you map out your funnel?

  • Note Your Traffic Sources (how are they finding your website/webpages)
  • Note All Stages of Your Funnel 

Entry Points, how do you create Brand Awareness (letting them know your product or service even exists?) How do you Build Connection and Trust (why they should listen to you instead of someone else)? List all of your opt-in pages and landing pages. Map out your customer journey.

During this process, make sure you also map how you will nurture the relationship and connect with trust-building outWhat happens after someone purchases from you? How do you create a lifelong customer and brand loyalty/

As you go through the process of mapping out your funnel, it will all become much clearer where you can tighten things up or make changes.

1. Map Out Your Ideal Customer/Client

Who needs the product or service that you sell? Look a little deeper than the obvious questions and ask questions like:

  • What age range are they?
  • Where do they live? 
  • Are they male or female?  
  • Are they into sports?
  • What magazines do they buy?  
  • What podcast do they listen to?
  • Did they go to college?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Are they married?
  • Are they religious?
  • What type of job do they have?
  • How do they spend their free time?

You should write your customer persona for each type of client you want to attract. Some businesses will have one customer persona; others will have multiple. Your customer persona might depend on the stage they are at in their buying journey.

2. Make a List of Your Free Offers (Your Lead Magnets)

Ideally, as you build your business, you will have SEVERAL freebies and not just depend on one to build your email list. What problem does your free offer solve?

I suggest that you start an Excel Spreadsheet to map this out. Also, this way, you have a quick place to grab links from.

  • List out each one of your freebies
    • What problem does your free offer solve?
    • What was the goal when you created it?
    • Where are you currently promoting it?

You can go a little further

  • Does each of your free offers have its own landing page?
  • Do they each have a unique thank you page?
  • What are you trying to accomplish on the thank you page?
    • Have them share the offer?
    • Confirm their email?
    • Educate them?
    • Upsell them?
    • Join a Facebook Group?
  • Do they go to the right email list?

3. Create a List of All Your Services and Products

Create a list of all your products and services you offer. What problem does your product or services solve?

  • Do they each have a landing page?
  • Do you have a Thank You Page?
  • What are you trying to accomplish on the thank you page?
    • Have them share the offer?
    • Confirm their email?
    • Educate them?
    • Upsell them?
    • Join a Facebook Group?
  • Do you communicate clearly how your product or service will be delivered?
  • Is the product being delivered correctly?
  • Does the purchase trigger any other actions? 
    • Create an affiliate link ask them to promote it?
    • Ask for a review?
    • Upsell another product?
    • Need a Contract Signed?
  • Are they going on the right email list?
  • What emails are being delivered after purchase?
  • What would be the next item ideally for them to purchase?

4. Make a List of All Your Content Marketing Materials

One thing everyone comes to me with is…a bunch of content. I hear this all the time; I have a ton of content; I am just not sure how to package it.

Time to take inventory.

I recommend you create categories based on the problem you solve with your free and paid offers.

So if your product helps with weight loss, then that should be a category; maybe you have a free offer that is about healthy meal planning, which can be another category. Your goal should be at least 4 to 6 main categories.

Then what you will do is put ALL of the content under each of the categories.

Note what type of content each piece is currently.

  • Nurture your email list
  •  Podcast
  •  Interviews
  •  Blog post
  •  Guest post
  • Social media post
  • Video content

Add links to your file storage so you can easily access this content.

Ensure you also note what stage in your funnel the content is meant for and where you are currently using the materials.

5. Make Your Funnel Visual

It is waaaaaaay easier to visualize your funnel if you use visual aids. It's kind of like rearranging a room, you can think about it in your head how you want it to look, but until you draw it out, you don't know how it all fits together.

Even if you just map it out on a pencil and paper. This will help you if you're creating it, but better yet, if you are hiring it out, it will make the communication with your virtual assistant/freelancer much easier.

I love using Google Slides for this step. Here is an example of one of my funnels.

Fix Your Funnel

You could also use or software like  to help you draw it out visually. 

After you have put together all of these pieces, it is time to test your links and make sure they are all working and do a final look to ensure the content fits your market and purpose. If you have missing components, fill in the gaps. Keep watching the numbers to ensure your funnels are meeting your goals of what they are intended for ?

Now it's your turn. How do you map and keep track of your funnels? What has worked for you in mapping out funnels?

Virtually Yours,

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