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There is power in your email list.
But I would much rather have a small list of eager buyers
Then an email list of a million people who don't want my emails.

It's like the social media accounts you see where they have a million followers but no engagement.

So, in this case, the size really doesn't matter, guys (sorry)
It's about the quality.

It really doesn't count if there is no engagement, right?
Some marketers use the number of followers and the number on their email list as bragging rights…but the fact is the numbers you really need to be paying attention to are how many people are opening your emails and what type of engagement you are getting (same goes for social media.)

Email marketing IS NOT DEAD! It is not going anywhere soon, it is VERY effective, and that is why all the big marketers are using it. AND even the big corporations are using it, such as GAP, OLD NAVY …etc. IT WORKS!

So, you’re like, it is pretty easy, you build an email, and you send out a broadcast email with an offer; I got this.

To succeed with email marketing, you must avoid a few mistakes.

1. Not building an email list.

The first and most obvious one is NOT building an email list.

Many new entrepreneurs put off building an email list because they don't see the importance of doing this right away. I have seen this over and over.

This is a non-negotiable business expense, and I suggest that you build an email list,& SMS list right off the bat. This is NOT a huge business expense.

If you want to be a business owner, you will have to invest in your business.

There are some autoresponders you can start with for FREE, like Mailerlite or MailChimp though I recommend starting with a paid service as you will have more options off the bat to build out your funnels. I prefer a service that offers options to segment and tag. Personally, I use ActiveCampaign. I think you can start for as little as $15 a month; Convert Kit and Aweber are also great options for starting out.

I wish I had started building my email list sooner in my business; the funny thing is my very first client was all about building an email list, and I didn't learn my lesson soon enough ?


Most new online entrepreneurs are often taught by all the promises of easy profits. They believe they will make money overnight and not have to put any work in because they are lured in under false pretenses.

Or they believe if they keep emailing their list, they will make more money. You might be lucky, and it might work for you, but in most cases, it won't work…

People are getting smarter, and marketing has changed online.

You have to connect to your audience.
You have to provide value.
Before, people will buy from you.

People are on your list to learn from you.
They have a problem or a need.
They are looking to you for the solution.

If you can't provide value for that problem…
They will go elsewhere…
Remember that.

Teach them, provide useful information… and then sell them what they need.

A good rule of thumb is to deliver twice as much value as you market.

This will keep your subscribers hooked to your emails.


This might sound strange to you as I say it, but I learned this from a client years ago who was an author, and it was probably one of the smartest things I have learned over the years.

Write your emails and content at a level that an 8th grader can understand.

You might be saying, but Laura, I am an educated person. I have a Ph.D. and want to sound professional and appear knowledgeable. Why would I do that…

I totally understand where you are coming from. But you want to reach the heart of who you are talking to.

You need to speak to them in their language. Your audience needs to understand the words you are speaking to buy from you. Imagine a doctor using the language of a doctor and you not understanding those words and the confusion on your face. You want to make sure they can understand exactly what you are talking about, and it is CLEAR.

That doesn't mean you don't want to be professional, spell words correctly, and check your grammar (we are human, mistakes are ok from time to time but proofread your emails.)

Don't speak down to your audience but speak to them in words they will understand.

There's a strange phenomenon where despite your best efforts at proofreading, you suddenly discover new typos AFTER you send the email. Don't fret. It happens to us all.
The occasional typo is not a deal breaker. What matters is that your email is not filled with errors.

4. Use CALL to Actions

Use a clear call to action in your emails. If you want your readers to do something in an email, you have to tell them what you want them to do. If you want them to click a link to keep reading a blog article, say click to keep reading. If you want them to buy, then tell them to click here to buy.
You need a clear, strong call to action to get the clicks. But be careful about how many links you use within your emails so that the email will not be pushed into their spam filter.

5. Watch Your Numbers

You have to keep an eye on your numbers.
My favorite number to watch is watching my number of subscribers grow, but there are also other important numbers to keep track of.

How many people are opening your emails will tell you how your subject lines convert. Do you need to tweak the subject lines? Try split-testing subject lines.

How many people clicked on your links? Does your copy need to be tweaked? Try split-testing the copy.

How many people unsubscribed? It is totally normal to have some unsubscribes. DO NOT PANIC. BUT…if you get a lot of unsubscribes, you need to evaluate why… did you totally switch what you're talking about? Does it not resonate with your audience?

Analyzing this data will keep your email list growing and healthy so you can make the most money.

If you have not started, start building your email list. If you have an email list, I hope these tips help you with your marketing!

What email marketing mistakes have you made?

Virtually Yours,

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