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How to make email marketing work for you

Daily, I am consistently asked this question while on consultation calls

“Does Email Marketing still work?”

It is not surprising that I get this question so often…because opinions are so split…

Over the last several months, I turned to my LinkedIn contacts to ask them what they think about email marketing and if they feel it still works.

Interestingly enough, the feedback was a mix of 50/50.


  • I KNOW the results I see from the marketing I do.
  • I KNOW the results from the marketing of my clients.
  • I KNOW email marketing consistently has an (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent on average.


When you go to a large department store or even a store like Bath and Body Works…what do they ask when you check out?

They ask for your EMAIL address and your Cell Phone number.


To Build Their List.


Because List Building Works

This type of marketing has ALWAYS worked. It has for YEARS.

Digital devices allow us to do it at an affordable cost for EVEN small business owners.

Now look in your email box and see how many emails these companies send you regularly.

Why do they send so many emails?

Because this type of marketing WORKS and it is affordable. IT IS WAY more affordable than sending printed material in the US via snail mail.

Email marketing or SMS (text marketing) is a type of direct marketing. Direct marketing means one or more messages are sent to a specific group of people directly.

Snail mail is a type of direct marketing too, but sending messages via email is even more direct.

Where else can you engage your customers, no matter where they are at the moment? It's an effective way to reach your customers because it is easy to implement, track and measure.

Email marketing campaigns can be used for lead generation and customer relationship management.

Email marketing consists of two main types:

  • Broadcast – Broadcast email marketing is when the publisher sends a mass email message to an open mailing list where anyone who subscribed can receive the message.
  • Targeted – Targeted emails are sent only to those who have explicitly asked for information, with an opt-in subscription form being completed.Although email marketing is a powerful tool, it's easy to get carried away with sending out too much content or not giving your subscribers enough value.

Avoiding these pitfalls will help maintain your subscriber count while also improving your engagement rates and other conversions.

The following are six tips for getting started with email marketing:

Create a Free Offer or Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are powerful because they give visitors to your site something in exchange for their contact information or email address. It is a free offer, usually an eBook, checklist, quiz, workbook, cheatsheet, audio, or printable, given to new subscribers in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets are an essential tool in any marketer's arsenal. They provide value to the consumer while simultaneously building an email list of interested and engaged clients.

Just Choose an Email Marketing Service

I find a lot of new business owners FREEZE when they have to make a choice.

I have worked with literally almost every email marketing software out there, from KEAP (formerly infusionsoft), Clickfunnels, Activecampaign, Kartra, Aweber, Convertkit, ConstantContact, 1ShoppingCart, Mailchimp, you name it. I have worked with it with a client at some point. They all have some good features and some features I don't like. They all vary in price and features.

They are all basically the same.

Yep there, I said it.

Here is what is most important:

  • That you choose one!
  • That you use it…
  • That you build your email list
  • That you start sending regular emails

If you don’t start doing these things, NONE of them will ever work for you, plain and simple

Your success does not depend on the software, which is what you will hear from many marketers.

Your success relies heavily on taking ACTION.

I prefer an email provider that allows you to segment and tag.

I think ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit are good affordable options that allow you to GROW. I use Activecampaign. NOTE: you will need shopping cart software with this option.

Understand List Segmentation

List segmentation is a powerful tool for email marketers. It allows you to target specific groups of people with customized emails that are more likely to convert.

It is the process of grouping people who fit similar characteristics. List segmentation is used to target specific groups of customers with personalized promotions and offers.

You might decide to create different segments for customers who have bought a product recently or at a certain dollar amount, for example.

This will also keep your list CLEAN. Which is super duper important 🙂

Write Your Emails to Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Email is the most immediate way to connect with your potential clients. To make the most out of this powerful communication tool, it's important to know how to write an effective email.

It starts with knowing your audience and writing a relevant subject line. Subject lines should create curiosity.

Then, you should choose a format that will keep your message focused and concise without being overly wordy or formal.

Research shows that emails between fifty to one hundred and twenty-five words provide the most impact.

This means you should keep each email short and directly to the point if you want it to be successful and impactful.

Write your emails as if you are writing to a friend.

Use Social Media to Build Your List
When building your email list, you may use other platforms like your social media to reach more people. Make sure you complete your social media profiles with links to your website and free offers. Also, be sure you can have a call to action that directs your audience to sign up for emails when you share posts.

Keep Track of Your Performance and Return on Investment

Keeping track of metrics is important to analyze what you are doing right as well as what you are doing wrong. Many email marketing providers have analytics to track your numbers, and you will know where to improve and how to scale your marketing efforts. For instance, if you have a low open or click-through rate, you know the titles or subject lines you use are either ineffective or not the information your audience is looking for.

Email Marketing is still working.

Email marketing definitely still works. In my opinion, it is one of the best investments in any business. But you need to track your results and continue to tweak what is and what is not working on a regular basis and keep your email list clean. I will continue to build my email list and recommend it to my clients as well.

What questions do you have about building your email list?

Virtually Yours,

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