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9 Steps to CREATE Your First Lead Magnet

#1 Understand Who You Want to Attract with Your Free Offer

Who is Your Ideal Client? You must clearly understand your ideal client’s buying journey BEFORE you create your free offer.

MANY people will leave out this step and just create their Lead Magnet.

You must also be clear about what you are creating this lead magnet for.

As you grow your email list, you will also start to create lead magnets to take buyers through other sales processes…so ALWAYS start with your END goal in mind.

#2 Determine What Problem You Want to Solve

The best lead magnets will solve a pressing problem for your ideal client. The best lead magnets will provide them immediate value, something they can use or see a result with right away.

This will leave them wanting more from you.

The main thing is that you want to get them on your list, and you want them to be happy about it. You WANT to build a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand.

#3 Name Your Freebie Using a Compelling Title

It’s not time to get all fancy pants on me. I know many marketers like to come up with clever names, but let’s face it if it is unclear to your ideal client it will not convert.

Name the freebie based on what it does for your customers using action verbs and terms they understand and that interest them.

Title it with a compelling title, but make sure it is simple and clear. I like to check my titles on the Emotional Trigger over at the Am Institute. The Tool is Free.

#4 Choose How You Format Content

Once you know what problem you plan to solve, you must decide how to deliver the content.

The possibilities are endless, from audio, video, webinar, podcast, checklist, a simple pdf, and email series to a quiz or more.

There is no right or wrong answer. The most important thing is choosing one, completing it, and then moving on. Eventually, you will have a ton of different lead magnets.

#5 Create the Lead Magnet or Hire Someone to Create It

When you create the lead magnet, realize that you can hire someone to make it too. Facebook Groups are a great place to find help. Also, some of my other favorite places to find help are Fiverr, Hire My Mom, and Upwork.

There are a ton of resources to make creating lead magnets easier. I LOVE Canva; they have so many amazing templates for creating lead magnets. Go to google, and I guarantee you can find something to help you get started!

#6 Create a Landing Page for Your Freebie

Once you know what you’re going to create, you need to create a landing page. This is where you will drive traffic and collect names and email addresses.

You can use many different stand-alone software for this, such as Clickfunnels or LeadPages.

My #1 Choice is ThriveThemes. I use it for my website and landing pages.

A landing page is a page devoted to only one thing. In this case, it is the lead magnet that you will promote. It eliminates confusion for the person landing on the page. The only option they have is to give you their name and email address or leave the page.

The page should be clean and simple. State what they are getting and what to expect with a form for them to put in their name and email address. The opt-in form should be visible without making the user scroll.

WARNING: DO NOT OVERCOMPLICATE THIS PAGE. It will not improve your conversions.

#7 Create Your Thank You Page

Create your Thank You Page and Let them know exactly what to expect next from you and how they will receive their free gift.

BUT THIS IS PRIME TIME. You have their Attention!

Here are a few other ideas.

  1. Ask them to share your free offer with Social Share
  2. Point them to a recent blog post
  3. Share a video on the page
  4. Point them to a recent YouTube or Instagram video and have them follow you there

#8 Create Your Email Series

Yeah, they are now on your email list. You need to deliver the emails, right?

Email 1 obviously should be delivering exactly what you promised. After that, I suggest you look at your goals and build your email funnel. Have fun with it. The possibilities are endless!


After you have done the work, it is time to share it with the world, get it out there, and talk about it; someone out there needs what you created right now, don’t keep it a secret ?

Have you created a lead magnet yet? If you have, I would love to hear about it!

Virtually Yours,

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