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In all stages of your online business, you need to be list building.

List building is necessary for your business to not only survive but continue to scale and GROW; it is a familiar business concept. Building your email list is an inexpensive way to build a list of ideal clients who want your programs and services. You should always have a game plan to build your email list and market to it.

List building is just a mix of lead generation and lead acquisition.

Below you'll find 7 tips that will help you build your email list much faster than your competitors IF you are consistent.

1. Have Multiple Signup forms on Your Websites

This is a very basic step. But you would not believe how many people do not even have signup forms on their website. ?

Also, don't just offer them to sign up to your email list….offer them something of value, a “Lead Magnet” they cannot resist.

Put this “Lead Magnet” in multiple places on your website. Different eyes will be attracted to different places.

Here are the places I recommend

  1. ABOVE the fold on the FRONT Page ( They should not have to scroll)
  2. The bottom of the page is another great place to put your opt-in form.
  3. Exit Pop-ups: I know many of you think they are annoying, but they are a GREAT WAY to build your email list. Just make sure they are easy for them to X out of ( and don't have them pop up every time they visit your website)
  4. SIDEBAR of Your Website
  5. A Dedicated Landing Page where you drive traffic, and the only option is to OPT-In or leave the page.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website

If your website sits there, it is no different than a business card.

But the power of the internet is we have the ability to either

  1. Spend Money and drive traffic to our websites
  2. Spend time and drive traffic to our websites

There are various social media websites such as Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. You will be amazed at what consistent posting can do for driving traffic.

Start speaking on podcasts, virtual events, live streams, and live events. Drive traffic to your website for your free offer and build your list.

Always remember that your list is the only resource you truly own.


Don't think one email and done is going to do the job…

Especially when starting out setting up one email and thinking that is all you need to do is VERY tempting.

But you need to build a connection with your audience.

Your email funnel should have a minimum of 5 to 7 emails in the queue set up over 2 weeks. These emails should offer VALUE and education.

Wait to start Selling.

If you sell right away, they will unsubscribe.

Connect with your audience.

Ask questions and get to know them.

Write the emails as if you were writing to a friend and trying to educate them about what you do and how you can help them.

The goal is to find a balance between delivering value and selling.

After about 4 emails or so, you can send an offer.

4. Send Regular Emails

When you want to build a relationship with someone, you don't date them for the first 2 weeks and then walk away.

Your email list is the same. You have to keep working on the relationship. This means you need to keep sending regular emails.

Set a regular email schedule that works BEST FOR YOU.

For some of you, that is going to be once per week, sending a regular newsletter. For others, you will send a regular email that sends them to a video that you made especially for them, and for others, you will point them to your most popular social media content. Whatever it is, be consistent. For some, they have found that their audience responds better to 2-3 emails a week; I know it sounds crazy, but if that is what works and you can keep up with it, then do it!


As much as the internet is a fantastic tool because it has opened so many opportunities for us. It has also opened up competition for us as well.

So it is vitally important that you provide VALUABLE content.

Make sure your subscribers WANT and LOOK forward to your content! Make sure they LOOK to you as an authority in your niche!

Don't always be the person selling.

Remember…put yourself in their shoes; if you were them, what would you want????

I have a client that people look so forward to her emails they actually are emailing her if they haven’t gotten her emails by 6 am on Mondays.

Those are the type of subscribers you want…because when she is ready to sell something to them, they are HOT & Ready.

6. Watch WHAT & How MUCH You are SENDING

Often when you are trying to build your email list, you are sending too many emails. Lots of telesummits or podcasts will require that you send a couple solo emails to participate, and you might do a bunch at the same time, thinking no big deal, I can email my list. But this is actually HARMING your list.

Some niches, such as fitness and online marketing, have audiences that are generally used to getting emails daily or a few times a day during a launch.

Other niches with a more ‘conservative' audience may prefer only hearing from you once per week. The best way to get a feel for the niche will be to sign up for other people's email lists in your niche and see how often they email.

But the best rule of thumb is always to be careful with your list and schedule these out sparingly around your launches and promotions. I know it is VERY tempting, but you need to protect the integrity of your list. Otherwise, they will unsubscribe and not trust you.


Remove subscribers who only open your emails for up to two months. Delete email addresses that bounce often. (PERSONALLY, I take those names and emails and set them up to retarget on Facebook Ads)

KEEP YOUR EMAIL LIST CLEAN. There is no reason to pay for people who are not active on your email list. They are just taking up space; you would only keep them on your email list for bragging rights.

Honestly, it is going to decrease your open rates.

By only keeping active subscribers, you'll increase your open rates and email deliverability – and also lower your autoresponder fees.

Remember, money is creating connections with your ideal clients….that is why you are building an email list. I hope these 7 tips are helpful. Always respect your email subscribers as if they were your best friends, and I guarantee your email list and business will continue to grow.

Virtually Yours,

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