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4 Types of Quizzes

There are two general types of quizzes:

  1. Personality quizzes tell us something about the person.
  2. Knowledge quizzes test the person's knowledge or experience.

I generally suggest you sit down with pencil and paper and write down ALL your ideas. And then narrow that list down based on what your end goal is. You can always save the other quiz ideas for later!

Here are some of the 4 types of popular quizzes

1. What ____ Are You?

There is a large variety of quizzes that ask, "What ____ are you?" 

The person who takes the quiz answers various personality questions, and at the end, it tells them, "You are this…" 

Here are a few examples include:

  • What Animal Are You?
  • What "Star Wars" Character Are You?
  • What Meme Are You?
  • Which Roman Emperor Are You?
  • What Kind of Boyfriend Are You?
  • What Type of Student Are You?
  • What State Should You Be From?
  • What Pastry Are You?
  • What's Your Shopping Style?

These quizzes are great fun, and they work very well with visuals. They are some of the most popular on social media.

2. Are You A ____?

A similar personality quiz is the ranking quiz. 

One kind of ranking quiz asks, "Are You A…"? 

This is like the personality type but has only two options: You either are, or you are not. To liven it up, you can create a ranking system that also explains the person's score.

For example, you might have a quiz that asks, "Are you a morning person or a night person?" The result might rank the person who takes it on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a complete morning person and 10 is a complete night person.

For each number on the scale, you have a short explanation. A score of 7 might say, "You can wake up in the morning, but your motor really starts running at night. You think you're tucking in early if you go to bed before midnight."

Ranking the person on a scale makes it more interesting than just the two options of "yes" and "no," The explanation makes the answers more interesting, giving you a chance to further entertain and engage.

Another variation is to frame it as, "How … Are You?"

3.Test Your Knowledge and Test Your Skill

Another ranking quiz is the test of knowledge or skill. This can be either a trivia quiz where you ask specific questions, and the taker must answer them, or it can be a kind of self-assessment where the person reflects on how they do things.

You might have seen them on social media. There are tests of knowledge that tell you how much you know about:

  • English grammar
  • Marketing
  • A TV show or movie genre
  • Songs or a particular band like the Beatles
  • Wine or food knowledge
  • A holiday like Christmas
  • Politics or current events
  • What is Healthy Eating
  • Traditional school subjects like history, geography, mathematics, etc.
  • Sports teams or sports rules
  • Something obscure like rare animals, little-known history, or mysteries


For a skill test, you might ask questions about how a person does things. For example, if you have a quiz titled "Test Your Cooking Skills," you might ask things like, "Can you make a perfectly cooked omelette any time?" Here, the person taking the test assesses their own skill, and the outcome is a rank with, again, a short description to make it fun.


Visual Quizzes

In addition to personality and knowledge quizzes, you can also make visual quizzes.

It does take a little more time to create the images, but a visual quiz consists of a series of images, and the taker's task is to choose the right image for each question.

This type of quiz might ask you to identify an image that is different from the others, specific cuts of steak, types of wine, celebrities vs. their lookalikes, countries by their shapes, and so on. 

Or this type of quiz might ask you what you see when you view a specific image.  It might be a simple question, what word do you see first?



You can also look at sites like Buzz Feed Quiz or Playbuzz; what quizzes stand out to you?



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