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Email marketing is a segment of content marketing. 

Content marketing describes marketing that uses information and content to inform, engage, and persuade your audience to act. Content includes text, visuals, and audio information that sends a message to your audience. 

Your email marketing must be based on your audience's needs or (your niche) and, ultimately, what your goal is for them. (IE you want them to purchase your membership)

Here are 10 ways to improve your email marketing…

  1. Know and Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice – If you want your audience to read and enjoy receiving email messages from you, make sure you know what your brand voice is. This includes the terms you want to use, the tone you say them in, and your values and principles. Remember, it is all about creating that connection with the REAL you!
  2. Create Targeted Lead Magnets – When you develop lead magnets to build your list, make sure you target each freebie toward a particular member of your audience. Casting a smaller net will result in higher conversions, which ultimately means a higher ROI for you!
  3. Write Meaningful and Persuasive Messages – Every message you send them, whether email or in your blog, or even on social media, need to be meaningful to them so they will continue to open your emails and eventually become your client.
  4. Use Content to Segment Your Subscribers – The content you publish on your website and in email can be used to segment your audience further based on their behavior. The more segmented they are, the better you can communicate your value to them. For instance, you can segment moms from career-driven women; just making a small tweak like this in your marketing can help you reach their hearts more effectively.
  5. Ask Subscribers What They Want –What do they really want? Most of the time, we are just guessing what we think they want by sending surveys and questionnaires to your list members, social followers, and blog readers to find out what they really want to know about. For example, under a blog post, you can post something like “want more content about this topic” and let them check yes or no and sign up for your list to be reminded of new content about that topic.
  6. Encourage Subscribers to Share Your Messages – Even when you send an email, you should encourage the recipients to share with their friends with the exception of private information. Who knows which friend of theirs might be your ideal client/customer.
  7. Conduct A B Testing Regularly – If you have followed me for a while, you know I am a huge fan of SPlit testing. You don't know for sure if the content is doing what you want it to do unless you test it. Try changing headlines, subject lines, and subtle information to improve each interaction. 
  8. Send Valuable Actionable Messages Often – While you do want to send valuable and actionable messages to your email list, often make sure each message really does have a reason for existing before sending. 
  9. Focus on Keeping Your Audience HAPPY and Connected with You– When you focus on keeping your audience happy, you're going to see a massive difference in their engagement with you. Find ways to make them say “wow” to the content you deliver to them. Make your content speak to them.
  10. Remember the CTA – Don't bother sending even one message without a call to action based on the reasons you are sending the message. The CTA doesn't have to be about buying. It can be about sharing, liking, replying, and so forth too. Tell your email list member and reader what you want them to do next, and you're going to get a lot more results. 

Email marketing will help you improve your marketing and advertising aspects by regularly keeping in front of your ideal clients. 

Every message you create for them needs to have a reason for being and a goal in mind. If you cannot figure out the purpose, don't make the email.

Do you need help with your email marketing? Feel free to reach out! 

Virtually Yours,

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