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10 Lead Magnet Ideas to GROW Your Email List Quickly

No one will give you their name and email in exchange for nothing. They protect it almost as much as they protect their bank account nowadays.

So how do you GROW the email list that all marketers talk about that will make you all this money?

What FREE offers, or as I prefer to call them, “Lead Magnets,” convert?

    Do you have a simple checklist that will make the process faster? Checklists are great because they can see FAST results from a checklist, and they are EASY to explain.
  1. Ebook
    Ebooks are a great resource for a Lead Magnet because there is little to no cost involved. They are easy to create and publish. An ebook could be anything from a chapter of your book to a short report to a how-to guide turned into a PDF file.
    Templates are great because they can save time, and people LOVE them. They make things easier for them, and they are easy to explain. They see fast results. Unfortunately, sometimes I see a lot of just freebie seekers just download templates and unsubscribe, so be careful about what you give unless you are selling templates.
  3. TIPS
    Top 10 tips are one of my favorite things. They usually have a high conversion because they are easy to digest, and they can learn the information quickly from the tips.
  4. QUIZ
    Quizzes are engaging and create a connection with your audience. But the best part is I have seen a 70% conversion rate with quizzes which is higher than any other lead magnet. They require more thought and work but are worth it when created correctly!

6. Opt-In for the Rest of The Content

Opt-In for the Rest of The Content is a way to tease your visitors and get them hooked on your content. Show them a picture of the recipe and get them excited. Then maybe tease them with ingredients in the recipe, but they need to opt-in for the cooking instructions. Or you can give them the first couple of exercises in a routine, but to get the full routine, they need to opt in and give their name and email to get the full routine.

Hold a webinar based on an interesting topic for your target market. Webinars are a great way to engage with your audience, especially if you can teach them something they can use immediately. Make sure they sign up with their name and email address first before attending.

8. Video Series
I love videos because they allow you to connect with your audience. We are in connection marketing. So videos work amazing for this. Make your videos short and engaging. Have them opt-in to the video series. You can drip them one by one or send all the videos once when they sign up. Just make sure the videos make sense, and it is information they can use the right way!

9. Newsletters
Newsletters are great, but unfortunately, only a few people will give you their names and email in exchange for just a newsletter anymore.

UNLESS you make it sound super exciting!

  • Do you pack your newsletter with podcast interviews?
  • Do you pack with helpful tips, exclusive deals, and articles?

Make sure it is VERY clear what they will get if they sign up…otherwise you will be out on many subscribers! It would be a good idea to show them a sample of your last newsletter!

10. FREE TRIAL Subscription

There is no better way to get new members on your membership site than showing them your goods, baby.

Get them LOVING what you have to offer and wanting more. Offer them a 3, 5, or 7-day membership for FREE in exchange for their name and email; you build your email list, get them addicted, and hopefully turn them into long-term clients.

Don't limit your imagination in the lead magnet department. Anything is fine as a lead magnet as long as it offers unique value to your audience. It should be enticing enough for them to offer their name and address and high quality enough to start your relationship on the right foot.

Here are some other ideas you can consider:

Virtually Yours,

An anthology or compilation
Audio recordings
Bingo/ game
Calculator/excel calculator sheet
Case Study
Cheat sheets
Coupons and coupon codes
Course (or part of your course)
Discovery call
Free Consultation
Free trial
Free Guide
Here are some other ideas you can consider:
How to
Inspirational quotes/printable
Journal prompts
Mind map
Pdf materials
Q&a calls
Resource guide
Resource kit
Short eBook
software or app
Swipe files
Targeted email offers
Unannounced bonuses

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