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If you want to improve your email open rates, these fun subject line hacks will help you get it done. Some of these tips you already know, some need to be used with caution, and others should almost always be included if you really want to improve your open rates. 

1. Ask a Question

When you start a subject line with a question, it’s a simple way to get your audience’s attention that almost always works. Make sure the question has something to do with them and the message inside.

2. Add Emojis 

You can put emojis and symbols like ellipses in your subject lines as well to draw attention to it more. It’s important that the words make sense and that it’s not all symbols. Keep the emoji or symbol relevant to the content. Use them to emphasize an idea or convey emotion.

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3. Add Numbers

When you can quantify what’s inside in some way, that is going to get attention. People like reading lists and reading stats even if they say otherwise. Stats prove it. Use numbers and information in your subject lines to get more opens. 

4. Use Capitals Properly 

Uppercase doesn’t work for email messages because it looks so strange. If you use capitalization as you do in standard sentences, that works best for email subject lines.If you want to use Capitals I suggest you only use it for one word to bring emphasis to it.

5. Keep it Short

Statistics show that using less than 35 to 90 characters and between six and ten words in each subject line is best in terms of opens. This helps you avoid awkward cutoffs that will stop your audience from clicking through. 

6. Your Subject Line Should Align with Your Email Body

Don’t trick your readers by making your subject line incongruent with what’s inside. The gist of the message should exist within the subject line so that it makes sense once they open it.

7. Personalize the Subject Line 

Think outside the box with personalization. Yes, you can use their name in the subject line, such as, “Congratulations, Savannah, you’re invited but act fast! You can use your name too if it’s known to them. For example, “Laura is going live right now, don’t miss it!”. 

8. Show Urgency 

You can also elicit the feeling of urgency in your email subject lines by bringing updates, stating you don’t want them to miss out, or other words that trigger the idea that they need to open and respond and act right now.

9. Include Them 

When you include them in your inner circle by inviting them, thanking them, and including them, they’ll feel like a VIP and be more likely to respond to your emails and open them right away. 

10. Use Your Name for reply email

 If your name is well known, or anyone who works in your company is known to others, using their own name in the subject line along with branding @yourbusiness name is really better than a no-reply or generic-looking email such as info using yourname@yourbusiness will always be friendly and get opened more. Plus it helps get through spam filters.

Finally, keep the message inside aligned with the subject line you eventually use for the email message. That way, you will your audience will learn to trust you by delivering on your promises of relevant messages and actions that serve them and their needs.

Which one of these tips are you going to apply to your emails?

Virtually yours,

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