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Thinking of starting a online business? This step-by step guide includes videos and worksheets that you will  through exactly what you need to do to find a profitable business idea  get it online in 7-days, so you are ready to get clients.

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Start a Online Business

Are you struggling getting your online business going because.....

Get Clients Online
  • You have ALOT of ideas, but you don't know what is profitable, or if your idea would even make money. Worse yet, you don't know where to start... you need a Roadmap!
  • You love the idea of creating a online digital course/program, but the thought of the tech scares the crap out of you!
  • You have an amazing idea for a coaching program or online digital program, heck you even spent countless hours creating it, yet all you hear are crickets... no one is buyingYou have no clients!
  • You feel overwhelmed digging through copious amounts of Information trying to get quality advice & support. You don't know who to listen to, and what to do next to get clients & make money in your business.

Our Approach

We approach building your online digital education business a little-different than most.  We focus on building your audience FIRST and then your programs or services. That way you can GET Clients & start making money online FASTER ! 

  • Define Your Niche
  • Build Your Email List/Raving Fans
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Create Your Programs/Services
  • Get Clients/ Make Money Online


Here is How We Can Help You


Free Tools & Resources

They say nothing in life is free...but that is not true! These free tools I use with my high-end clients and they have made thousands of dollars with them! Check them out! :)


Digital Courses & Programs 

Ready to take your business to the next level at a faster pace? Check out our digital courses and programs to help you start, grow and scale your business.


Private Coaching

  Let's work together and design a personalized plan to launch your coaching service and programs as we hold your hand through through the process and make it simple and straight forward process.

Education to GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS & Get Clients

by Laura Bastion • 

Monetize Your Email List
by Laura Bastion • 

Fix Your Funnels
by Laura Bastion • 

4 Types of Quizzes
by Laura Bastion • 

Who is Your Ideal Client?
by Laura Bastion • 

4 Steps to Build Your Quiz

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If you want to improve your email open rates, these fun subject line hacks will help you get it done. Some of these tips you already know, some need to be used with caution, and others should almost always be included if you really want to improve your open rates.  1. Ask a Question When

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10 Email Subject Line Hacks

You might already have a sales funnel and not realize it But it is important to Map Out Your Sales Funnel. However, if you haven’t planned it, you may have serious gaps which will cause you to lose money.  What is a Sales Funnel? A Sales Funnel is how you attract your leads, turn them

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Map Out Your Sales Funnel

Look at you…YOU’RE LISTENING! You have created your email list of protentional buyers!!Wow, you are doing an amazing job. But now what do you do with these people ? How do you make money from your list? Promote a Product You Use – If you’re part of your own audience, the products and services you use

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Monetize Your Email List

Email marketing is a segment of content marketing.  Content marketing describes marketing that uses information and content to inform, engage, and persuade your audience to act. Content includes text, visuals, and audio information that sends a message to your audience.  Your email marketing must be based on your audience’s needs or (your niche) and, ultimately,

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10 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

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What Others Are Saying...

Jane P

Two words...."A.......MAZING"!!! Laura Bastion is simply the best! I have worked with Laura over the past few months to maximize my online line presence and visibility. She far surpasses my greatest expectations. Laura knows how to capitalize on launching programs and products. The best part of her delivery is guiding you through the seemingly overwhelming and daunting tasks related to the projects. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her work and the results I have gotten from her brilliance!

Saskia R.

 Since working with Laura , I have been able to create sales funnels and implement new strategies into my business that not only increased my bottom line, but also is helping my clients because I am able to serve them at a greater capacity.

Anita J.

Working with Laura is a great experience. She helps streamline technology and systems where my brain does not work. Her brain works in ways that make things simple. She has helped me get my courses and email funnels online.


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